Real, Whole, Nutrient-dense, Beyond Organic Food

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Welcome to The Resilient Farm, the Lewis Lehman|Bibler historic and working farmstead. This farm is about passion – a passion for food and optimum health, a passion for family and the frontier spirit, and a passion for Christ and Gods economy

We Love Food! And who doesn’t want to be in a state of wellness (or an absence of sickness) at the very least,  if not truly healthy and thriving. We believe in thriving, not just surviving, and while at its most basic level food is merely a means of survival – it should be so much more than that!  It’s a source of fuel for your body, so you can produce, become, achieve, and be the best you can possibly be!  It can also be a source of pleasure and enjoyment, as you’ll find when you try our recipe box…

Food is also on the (hopefully!) short list of things you put into your body.   Don’t you want to know what’s in your food? Don’t you want to know what your food does for you… or against you? Is it helping you or harming you? Don’t you want to know where you food came from, how it was grown or raised, and what your food ate?

We believe that “You are what you eat, eats”. We grow “Real, whole, authentic, nutrient-dense ancestral food”. One of the mantras we live by is “If it wasn’t food 100 years ago, don’t eat it”. By extension, we also don’t grow it. In addition, if we can’t pronounce it, if we don’t know what it is or what it does or where its from, we don’t eat it. We would encourage you to do the same.