Real, Whole, Nutrient-dense, Beyond Organic Food

We’re principle driven, endeavoring to do whats right even when it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or seems to make things harder.

NATURE’S TEMPLATE: We mimic the natural patterns that God designed, always endeavoring to work with nature and never against it. Cows are herbivores, not omnivores, and everything on our farm is grown the way it was designed to be grown. We don’t try to out-think God or outsmart nature, not only because we know we’ll lose, but by working within natures template – everybody wins. The farmer, the animals, and the consumer.

SOIL: Soil is not just something to hold up row crops or grass. Nor is soil a mechanical material that “needs fixed” by putting an industrial creation on it. Soil is living, and it can be healed. In part, we’re really in the earthworm enhancement and soil-building business. Stimulating soil biota is our first priority because healthy soil creates healthy food — and healthy food is essential to creating healthy people.  And healthy people is our holy grail.

GRASS-BASED: Pastured livestock and poultry, moved frequently to new forage,  offers nutritional superiority (which heals people)  and environmental healing.  We will be raising our own row crops to better control the feed that we give to our pork and poultry, but the focus of the farm and the meat we produce is grass.  Our grain production is limited in size and scale to meet our own needs, and is raised with horsepower.

COMMUNITY: We do not ship food. We will certainly deliver within a 100 mile radius, but we do not ship food. We should all seek food closer to home, in our foodshed, our own bioregion. This means enjoying seasonality and reacquainting ourselves with our home kitchens.

TRANSPARENCY: Anyone is welcome to visit the farm. We want to know where our food comes from, how its raised and grown, what it eats — and we want you to want the same. We just ask that you call ahead and make sure we’re there and available.  (be warned — we may put you to work, and/or to take part in the workout of the day)

SELF SUFFICIENCY and RESILIENCY: We believe in community and work to enhance the community that we’re a part of. But we believe that we alone our responsible for our own health and well being, and we depend on ourselves first. As such, we are creating an environment where we are able to run the farm and run it well – with no outside sources of power, of heat, of fertilizer, of materials, etc… Our electric fence is charged with the sun, our shop is heated with the sun and firewood that we cut on the farm, our animals provide the fertilizer we put on the pastures and garden, and we grow the food that the animals eat.


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