Real, Whole, Nutrient-dense, Beyond Organic Food


Our system mimics nature, period. We work with nature rather than against it. All of our livestock live in a manner they were designed to live in, and they eat what they were designed to eat  We raise cattle, chickens, turkey, pigs, and horses on grass pasture in balance with nature. We use no antibiotics, no hormone supplements, and the cows receive no grain. The chickens, turkey, pigs, and horses receive a little heirloom-variety, beyond-organic, non- gmo (and eventually horse-drawn raised) grain, but the vast majority of their intake is fresh, lush forage. The livestock graze rich pasture 100% of their lives.



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Our cows eat extremely well, foraging on rich, thick, lush native grass.












A little deeper:

We use management intensive, rotational grazing on our farm. This means we constantly move the livestock to fresh rested pasture to graze, just like they would in nature, and let the previously grazed pasture rest so that it can grow back undisturbed. Other than the woods, ponds, and perimeter fence, everything is mobile—mobile run-in sheds, mobile watering troughs, and mobile electric fencing. Our pastures are rich in clovers and many species of natural grasses. We use no chemical fertilizers or herbicides on any of our pastures. Large populations of birds, ants, worms, butterflies, spiders & bees build our soils and control pests.

Our animals have clean fresh water every day. We have spring-fed ponds that we get our water from, but the animals are fenced to keep them out of the ponds. The fish, frogs, and surrounding water animals thrive in this atmosphere. We value our not just our livestock, but our wildlife as well, which includes deer, squirrel, fox, coyote, rabbit, turkey, dove, hawks, owls, cranes, geese and many species of songbirds.

In addition to the soil, our grass is our most precious natural resource. The grass leaf is actually a solar collector that stores energy from the sun. Livestock possess the unique ability to convert this green blade of grass into healthy meat without the use of fossil fuel. Our livestock are happy to harvest their own forage year round.

A cow is a herbivore –they are designed to eat grass, not grain, and our cows produce tender tasty meat on grass only. The only reason a cow is given grain is to benefit the producer, not the consumer. This is because feeding grain to cows makes the cow fatter faster. It also makes the animal sick. Getting fatter faster can be further accelerated by restricting a cows movement and confining the animal so that it moves less and eats more. The result is an animal that stands in its own waste, is continuously fed a ration of chemically  raised GMO grain that it cannot digest, and must be given supplemental antibiotics merely to survive. We are told that this animal is thriving because it is gaining weight, but ask yourself

1) if the animal needs medication to survive, is it really thriving?

2) what is the animals life like, and how stressed is it? Furthermore, does that stress affect the quality of the meat?

3) How does an animals life, from what it eats to the environment it was raised in, affect me the consumer?

We believe that God designed the best system imaginable, and if we follow it, then both the animal and the consumer benefit.

From a taste/flavor perspective, there is simply no comparison between a properly raised grass-fed animal and a grain-fed animal. Nutritionally, compared with grain-fed meat, grass-fed meats have 5 times more cancer-fighting CLA {conjugated linoleic acid}, four times more vitamin E, three times more heart-friendly omega-3s and twice as much beta carotene. Grass-fed meat is lower in total fat, saturated fat and calories as well. Fatty acids are essential (fats) in our diets and are required for a healthy body, but they must be in the correct proportion. That natural proportion has been seriously changed in this country due to the extensive grain feeding of livestock in the last 50 years. We are what we eat and we need balance in that consumption. The only way to get the correct proportions is to choose grass-fed animal products.

And don’t just take our word for it:

It is amazing how everything falls into place once you mimic Mother Nature.  (Oh, and another thing — the same thing happens to people when they eat grain…)