Real, Whole, Nutrient-dense, Beyond Organic Food

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Our animals are on grass their entire lives.  We do this in order to maximize the health benefits of the beef and to provide a great tasting product to the consumer, as well as improve and maintain an optimum level of health in our livestock.  We run a management-intensive operation that requires expert care in terms of being able to recognize when a pasture’s nutrients have been optimized but not depleted, and when an animal has been fattened and is thriving.   The alternative to this  is to cut costs by feeding grain or corn and being able to ‘run more cows’ — but the result of this method is that both the animal’s health will suffer, as will the consumers.

There is a cost to doing things right: to being good stewards of the land and of the animals, to  acquiring premium animals with grass-fed genetics, as well as the labor component necessary to manage both.  We would highly encourage you to read more about the costs of raising cattle on pasture.  Check out this article from the Huffington Post titled, “Why I Can’t Raise a $1 Cheeseburger.”

As the saying goes: “If you think wellness and fitness are expensive, you should see illness! “

(prices for Fall 2014, subject to change)


Even though our bodies couldn’t care less about calories but crave nutrition instead (this is why you can see malnourished obese people), for some reason most people pay attention to calories. In the same way, while everybody craves flavor, we’re all on a budget as well.  While we will compete with anyone on quality, everybody is interested in cost first – so we’ll make it easy for you. As you can see, when you compare either grain-fed organic (cows weren’t designed to eat grain, organic or not), grass-fed nonorganic (what chemical are on those pastures? Is it truly grass-fed or just grass-finished? What labeling loopholes did they exploit?), or organic grassfed (the best, but pricey) to the meat we raise on The Resilient Farm & the LL|B working farmstead… there really is no comparison.




(grassfed, non local /or organic grain fed)


(grassfed, non local /or organic grain fed)

Trader Joes

(grassfed, non local /or organic grain fed)

Whole Foods

(grassfed, non local /or organic grain fed)
North  Market Meats
(grass fed, local)

Our Farm

(beyond organic, grassfed, local, heritage breed)

Ground Beef

(Natures Rancher)

Ribeye Steak

(Ohio Sig. Beef)
(Simple Truth)
(Hormel Natural)
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(Simple Truth)
Chicken Breast (Boneless)
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