Real, Whole, Nutrient-dense, Beyond Organic Food

COMING SOON!   (Ok, maybe eventually…  When it does come, it will include the following)





November is our candle making season, just like it was for our ancestors before there was a Pier 1 in every town, and just in time for the holidays. Our candles are made with the same ingredients and using the same methods that the early American settlers did:

  • Tallow candles, made from waste fat left over butchering. These burn brighter than typical wax candles but are a bit smokey.
  • Beeswax candles, made from our beehives.

See the candle tab for the most up-to-date sizes and scents.


November is our soap making season as well. We make our soap exactly like our forefather did; with lye leached through specific wood ashes, and left over fat from butchering our pastured animals. These soft soaps are then scented with ingredients grown right here on the farm.

See the soap tab for the most up-to-date sizes and scents.


Created by our one of our resident knifemakers and traditional craftsman.



Cookbooks (By Angie Baird)

LOVE what you had at the deli, and want to try to replicate it exactly at home? Purchase one our cookbooks and you’ll have a better chance of making your newly purchased “real, whole, authentic, ancestral, nutrient-dense food” taste just like it did when you were here.





Made from our own horse-drawn, heirloom variety grain, aged less than 1 year.


Made from our own horse-drawn, heirloom variety grain, aged 4 years and up.


Made from our own grapes, raspberries, blackberries, dandelions, and other fruits, this is what was a staple on the early American table.



So all of this food is amazing and you can’t wait to cook it at home… but what is the best way to prepare it? Let us show you and you can try it for yourself. Or stop by for lunch Monday thru Friday and give your body all the flavor, nutrition, and gastronomic enjoyment one could want. See the Deli tab for hours of operation and the daily/seasonal menu.