Real, Whole, Nutrient-dense, Beyond Organic Food


Pastured Broilers

Whole Roaster (4-5lb) $4.00/lb
Breast (2 per package, 1.5-2lbs) $7.00/lb
Boneless Thigh  $6.00/lb
Wings (10 per package) $4.00/lb
Chicken Frames (2 per package) $3.00/lb
Livers (2lb package) $3.50/lb
Hearts (2lb package) $3.50/lb

Stewing Hens

Once our heritage breed laying hens stop laying, it is no longer economical to keep them, and they give us one more gift of high protein, nutrient dense meat.  These birds are typically 2-3 years of age, and as such are more suitable for the slow-cooker and stock pot.  Stewing Hens are sold whole, at $3.00/lb.


Have you ever had real, farm-raised eggs? The difference between free-range beyond organic eggs and factory-farm eggs is staggering. The shells are thick and hard, not thin and fragile. The yolks are a deep, vibrant orange rather than a pale yellow. And the flavor… Mmmmm. The flavor is peerless! We offer both white eggs and brown eggs, and more exotic colors to come as we expand the flock.

  • Heritage breed white & brown eggs — $3.50/dz (customer brings carton)
  • Heritage breed white & brown eggs — $4.00/dz (farm supplies carton)